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Rodent/Animal Waste Cleaning in Melbourne

Animal waste clean-up and disinfection is one of Bio-Cleans specialties. This includes cleaning up of areas affected by pigeon and rodent droppings.

Cleaning up animal waste is something that should be done by professionals, since they can carry bacteria, viruses, and other infectious substances. These can raise serious health risks for yourself, tenants or anyone that is directly exposed to it. The best way to avoid these risks is to have the waste removed by professionals who have a good understanding of the waste removal procedures.

Listed below are some examples of animal waste that require clean up by Bio-Hazard specialists

  • Decomposing animals
  • Cat/Dog faecal matter or urine
  • Rat/mice faecal matter
  • Bat waste
  • Possum waste
  • Bird droppings
  • Pigeon faecal matter
  • Properties overrun by domestic animals
  • Properties overrun by rodents and other wild animals

What are the risks of not having specialists do the job?

Animal waste can have harmful effects on humans and household pets. Harmful fungi that can cause Histoplasmosis and bacteria that cause Salmonella can be found in Bat and Bird droppings. Rat and rodent faeces can contain infectious viruses like the Hantavirus and in some cases cause Haemorrhagic fever.


Histoplasmosis is a respiratory disease caused by a fungus, which grows in pigeon droppings. When cleaning droppings, a person may inhale some of the fungus, causing infection.


Salmonellosis often occurs as “food poisoning” caused by Salmonella bacteria. All species of birds can carry Salmonella and pass it out in their faeces.


Many species of rodents carry hantaviruses. Humans can catch the disease through contact with rodent urine, saliva, and faeces, by touch, contaminated food or drink, or from breathing in aerosolized particles.

Haemorrhagic Fever

People can develop Haemorrhagic fever after exposure to urine, droppings, or saliva of infected rodents or after exposure to dust from their nests. Transmission may also occur when infected urine or these other materials are directly introduced into broken skin or onto the mucous membranes of the eyes, nose, or mouth.

Worried about bad odour?

Getting rid of the smell caused by animal waste is no easy task and is best left to the professionals. At Bio-Clean we use special decontamination equipment that are operated by highly trained technicians, who also have experience in biohazard cleaning and removal. We will do our best to have your home or workplace cleaned and ready for occupancy as quickly as possible.


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