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Odours are caused by a mixture of chemicals that are released by bacteria and other organic matter. If left unattended the odour can get stronger and spread further. The further the odour spreads the harder it is to neutralize.

Offensive odours can have a very negative effect on the quality of life on the individuals that are occupying the space. It is important to identify the cause and neutralize it using professional forensic cleaning procedures to ensure that the odour is completely removed from the affected area.

Causes of offensive odours include

  • Rotten garbage
  • Decomposition
  • Pest infestations
  • Urine and faeces
  • Blood and other bodily fluids
  • Raw sewage
  • Smoke and fires

Finding the cause of an odour can be difficult and once the source has been removed the odour can still linger in the air for a while. This is because the odours tend to seep into timber, carpets and furniture and it’s not easy to remove odours from these surfaces.

Odour elimination services 

To safely clean up the cause of any offensive odours there are specialised bio-cleaning procedures and protective equipment that needs to be used. It is always recommended that you enlist the help of a trained professional to do this.

The source of the odour has to be treated and carefully removed before being disposed of accordingly. If the odour is still present a rigorous forensic clean-up needs to be carried out.

At Bio Clean we offer rapid and cost effective odour removal services. We use advanced odour removal technology to eradicate the odour instead of trying to cover it up with fragrances. This ensures that the odour is highly unlikely to return, since the molecules that cause the odour have been removed.

Odour Removal Materials

Our specialised bio-cleaning procedures allow us to ensure that 99% of the time we can successfully remove any offensive odours from any non-porous surfaces.

Quite often, if the contaminated surface is porous it will need to be removed and disposed of accordingly to ensure that the odours have been removed effectively. There are some situations where the porous surfaces can be cleaned well enough that the odours have been removed. This is something that will have to be evaluated and determined by the specialist who is on site.


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