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BIO-CLEAN was founded in 2004 out of the recognition to provide a service that respects the way people are assisted and treated after the death of a loved one or the exposure to bio-hazard situations.

Peter Guerin, Consultant at BIO-CLEAN, is a qualified CDL Decontamination Supervisor with Washington State Department of Health, having trained and decontaminated various types of Clandestine Drug Labs in Washington. With his experience in Washington, he arrived in Australia and established BIO-CLEAN to challenge the status quo of the biohazard cleaning sector. His years of experience have exposed him to the most gruesome and unimaginable situations on the job, but that did not stop him from growing BIO-CLEAN. He is currently a consultant for BIO-CLEAN alongside the new Director, Clayburn Figredo.

Clayburn Figredo, BIO-CLEAN’s new Owner and Director comes with over 30 years of experience in the cleaning industry. His innovative mindset and great people skills has allowed him to build one of Australia’s fastest growing commercial, industrial and facility management companies, Cleaning Edge Solutions. Clayburn has always been an individual with a passion towards contributing towards the Australian communities and helping individuals have a higher quality of life. With a growing vision for BIO-CLEAN he aims to expand his horizons while also providing existing clients with a newer experience with BIO-CLEAN.


GOAL is the timely delivery and service standards of Bio-Clean.

We are:

  1. Triple ISO Certified for 6 consecutive years.
  2. On-Call 24/7 for emergency requests
  3. ABRA and IICRC are certified to provide the highest quality of work.
RESOURCE is our Bio-Recovery Technicians.

They are:

  1. ABRA trained & certified
  2. Supported with innovative equipment and chemicals
  3. Provided with mental health support systems, given the nature of the job they do.
CONCERN is the Safety of our personnel and customers.

They are:

  1. Secured with state-of-the-art PPE.
  2. Provided with inoculations and medical checks
  3. Covered by Liability Insurance and Work Cover
Looking For Crime Scene Cleaners?
We use professional, trained personnel. Unlike mop and bucket companies, we are rehabilitation experts. We have invested in the equipment and supplies to give each of our customer’s professional results.