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Hoarding, Squatting and Gross Filth Cleaning

Hoarding is the persistent difficulty in discarding or parting with possessions, because of a perceived need to save them. The possessions could be yours or those of someone you love, and it can be very difficult and at times and overwhelming to deal with.

Premises eventually get deemed to be in an unliveable condition to the point where there is a fire and biohazard risk due to the filthy area created over time.  While hoarding is not uncommon as people entrust value and emotional connection to things that are not useful anymore but are strewn all over the house. This results in a huge fire risk as also the risk of injury to people living in that house while moving around as there are inflammable and sharp objects across the area. There are instances where some rooms are not even accessible in the event of an emergency. While hoarding has also been associated with drug abuse and mental illness, in some cases, it is too late to fix the premises as the people living in that condition have already acquired disease or illness resulting from the unhygienic environment.

Signs of Hoarding and Filth:

  • Non disposal of empty carboard boxes, shipping wrappings, unusable bags
  • Rooms full of things with no space to walk around without stepping on items
  • Holes in walls and windows creating access to insects, fleas and rodents
  • Rodent and Insect droppings
  • Dampness and stained carpets, dark grouts in tiles and elevated floorboards
  • Human and Animal (pets) Faeces and urine stains
  • Leaking sewage pipes leading to foul smell and damp toilet floors

Dangers of Hoarding

It’s never easy to reach out and ask for help and especially in these types of situations and we understand that. Therefore, our trained staff approach such issues with an open mind and compassion.

A hoarding site in the eyes of an outsider will seem uninhabitable. This can be due to the large amounts of filth and debris from hoarding. In some cases, there might be excessive amounts of trash, faecal matter, bodily fluids, odour, expired food, mildew and insect infestations. Every case of hoarding is not the same but all of them require some form of heavy lifting, sanitising, and deodorizing. You can save yourself time and stress if you hire a team of professionals to take care of this problem.

Why hire an experienced Bio-Cleaner?

  • Our team at Bio-Clean have experience in carrying out these types of hoarding and trash house cleans. We understand that your situation isn’t ideal and that’s why we prioritise privacy and discretion. We can assist you in sorting through your belongings. We can help you in deciding and organizing what items you want to keep and what you want discarded or recycled.
  • When handling filth and biohazards, we use special equipment and cleaning agents to deep clean and restore the site to a habitable condition. All biohazard protocols such as wearing full body PPE and decontamination procedures are followed to ensure that the area is deep cleaned, sanitized, and deodorised to the highest level of cleanliness. Our Bio-Clean technicians are aware of the possibility of stepping on or getting grazed by sharp objects and will ensure that the sharps picked up are stored, transported, and destroyed following all the legal requirements of the state government rules.
  • Our IICRC Certified team of technicians are professionally trained and highly empathetic individuals who can assist you and provide detailed information and a structured solution for getting rid of unwanted items or filth and grime from your premises.
  • Once the clutter and filth are cleaned up, Bio-Clean will provide our clients with a full report of the actions undertaken, including pictures and details of the items handled.


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