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Crime Scene Cleanup in Melbourne

In the situation of a traumatic criminal event, homicide, accidental death or suicide, your property will require a proper clean-up due to the biohazardous contaminants that may be present.

BIO-CLEAN has been a long time supporter to the law enforcement. While they strive to keep you safe from the visible threats, our job is to ensure that you are safe from the invisible pathogens and bacteria.

The clean-up is not the responsibility of the first responders or emergency services, rather that of a bio-recovery crew. The Victim Services, Support and Reform in cordination with the state police, will get in touch with a bio-recovery team and in these instances, the burden is taken off your shoulders.

However, in the event of a natural death, it is the responsibility of the grieving family members or property owner to have the scene cleaned and decontaminated.

We understand you …

24/7 Emergency Response for Crime Scene Cleaning

Our hope is that you never have to call us, but in the event of a tragedy, we are here to help you. Our team has experienced the worst crime scene situations and have been trained to understand the trauma and stress that you are going through.

Compassionate and Trained Staff

Our crime scene bio-recovery crew is ABRA certified and trained to be empathetic, conscious of individuals privacy and to provide a high standard of service with attention to detail.

Reports for Insurance Requirements

Often insurance companies will contribute to the cost of the clean-up. BIO-CLEAN is aware of the requirements of insurance companies and can provide your insurers with written reports. Just contact our team for support

The crime scene clean-up process

A typical crime scene restoration involves the following processes:

  • This process begins by absorbing and picking up the larger quantities of contaminants. Often these become dry after an investigation has taken place, making the restoration and removal more difficult.
  • We then start working on the smaller areas of contamination mainly consisting of areas that may have splatter. There are several ways that may be used to remove the contamination. These may include traditional cleaning, chemical, or steam vapour cleaning methods.
  • Once the area has been cleaned, we move to the sanitizing step. Depending on the type of clean up, disinfecting could include working with hospital strength disinfectants.


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