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Losing a loved one is never easy. Having to pack up and clean the house of a loved one who has recently passed away is quite a tough task. While many might want to do this themselves, it can be very time consuming and hazardous as there could be boxes infested with rodent waste while being stored away. The estate of the deceased would need to be cleaned up by professionals to have the property ready for reoccupation or sale.

Do you require just a property clean-up of the deceased?

At Bio Clean, we maintain high professional standards and take extra care when carrying out our clean-up services. We will carry out our services in a way that suits your needs best. You can instruct us as to how you would like the belongings of your loved one handled. If you wish them packed up and stored away, recycled, given to charity, put aside for sale or auction, or deposed, just tell us what you would like done. We take extra care when sorting through belongings. If we do come across any personal items, photo albums, family heirlooms or photo albums we will have these carefully returned to you.

Is the property clean-up related to a crime scene or biohazard?

If the deceased property clean-up is from a crime scene or that of an unattended death, we also provide forensic and crime scene cleaning services. Our staff have the knowledge and equipment to carry out crime scene clean ups and biohazardous material removal. You can rest easy knowing that all stains and odours will be thoroughly taken care of.

Is the Property Hoarded and Not Suitable for Reoccupation?

In some cases, due to excessive storage and hoarding the property might not be suited for reoccupation. For such situations we offer hoarding clean up services too. As with all our services all items will be handled with care and disposed of as per your instructions.


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