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Police custody cells, vehicles, prison cells and communal toilet in prisons are some environments where bodily discharges and unhygienic behaviours creates a breeding ground for spread of germs and diseases if left unattended. They are areas subject to entry and exit of multiple persons and in difficult circumstances which needs proper decontamination and sanitation to restore back to a clean and sterile environment safe for both officers and detainees alike. There are a multitude of scenarios where there is a breach of the condition of areas like prison or police custody cells, vehicles or communal toilets, some of which are listed below:


  • The aftermath of an arrest by aggression or resistance
  • Detention of unhygienic persons or those carrying mites, flees, ticks etc.
  • Violence between inmates resulting in homicide or injury
  • Detention of intoxicated or unconscious persons, onsite and in law enforcement vehicles
  • Suicide in custody
  • ‘Dirty protests’; intentional spread of bodily fluids, urinating or defecating in unauthorized areas


While law enforcement officers have the responsibility of maintaining the safety and physical well-being of persons in custody, they are constantly dealing with people who are under extremely emotional or stressful mental conditions. This results in behaviours that are unexpected during custody and often results in creation of an highly unhygienic and unhealthy environment when they protest by smearing bodily fluids, urine, faeces, vomit etc. This is risky for not only those inmates, but also for the officers and other inmates in that site or facility. BioClean have a well experienced team who have managed jobs for such cleaning activities with utmost professional demeanour and compassion. We are trained to take a clear assessment of the situation at the site level and plan a clear cleaning action plan by decontamination, sanitation and careful clean-up using hospital grade disinfectants. The spread of Hepatitis, HIV, tuberculosis and cholera are documented risks in these scenarios and our expert team is able to curb that by acting quickly and efficiently as soon as assigned with the work. These environments also require constant cleaning maintenance to ensure that a sanitised and clean condition is adhered to. With the recent changes in cleaning protocols in line with the COVID-19 outbreak, our team is well trained and experienced to abide by all required rules of wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) and also ensure maintaining physical distancing as required by law during times of working at our client’s sites.


Our team are available for a rapid response to calls that come through at any time of the day as BioClean is available for our clients 24 hours a day X 7 days a week. Our dedication to the demanding jobs stems from years of work experience and constant upskilling within BioClean of training programs that ensure our team are on top of their certification and skills required for the work. Our entire team is IICRC Certified and we are committed to using the best-in-class cleaning products to ensure provision of the best quality service to our valuable clients.


For any questions about the details of the services and reporting we provide, feel free to call us at 03 9988 1221 and our friendly office team will be available 24/7/365 days to assist you. We understand urgent call out requests coming in occasionally and please ensure that you are able to explain the situation on the call to ensure we are able to act accordingly and dispatch the team in the quickest available timeframe with the right equipment to your site.


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