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Accident and Crime Scene Cleaning

Incidents that involve accidents or crimes seldom have any warnings and may occur at any time of the day or night. These could be at a business or industrial premises, public property or inside homes and results in creating an environment that risks the health and well-being of anyone that comes into contact or needs to co-habitat around that area. At BioClean, our experienced team are available 24 hours X 7 days a week for every day of the year to ensure that we support law enforcement authorities, insurance companies or family of the affected persons swiftly and in the most professional manner.


Accidents could result in creation of an unsafe, contaminated or bio-hazardous environment which unless taken care of immediately can result in spread of infections or contamination. Broken chemical containers, gas leaks, severed floorboards, spattering of sharps, ceiling damage, stained furniture and floors, etc. could be some of the impacts of an accident or crime scene that shouldn’t be taken lightly. Decontamination, deep cleaning and deodorisation of the site is important to ensure that the area can be used without any health risks in future. From the moment we start, our team will be dressed in the full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) that includes full protective body suit, face masks and rubber gloves and booties (worn over shoes). Several intricate details are taken into account by our team like wearing a second layer of gloves, gloves taped to the wrists, boots taped to the ankle, particle filtration masks and even gas masks as needed.


Once called to an accident or crime scene, our professional IICRC Certified team will ensure that they work with the first responders or law enforcement officers to assess the situation and adhere to the rules of engagement and entry into the affected premises. We will do an assessment of the area and provide constant communication to our clients in the most compassionate manner keeping in mind that they are in an emotionally difficult situation and also need to make decisions on these aspects of clearing and cleaning the area. Our aim will be to assist in the best way possible in the restoration of the premises to a habitable environment by removing all health hazards. This is done in a methodical process using planned work execution like:

  • Absorbing and Picking up of contaminants. Restoration and removal of objects by identification, noting of condition and clearing things that needs safe removal and disposal.
  • Cleaning and sterilisation of smaller areas of contamination mainly consisting of areas that may have splatter. Removal of contamination may include traditional cleaning, chemical or steam vapour cleaning methods
  • Disinfecting and sanitisation of cleaned areas using hospital grade disinfectants thus preventing spread of bacteria that may still be present on surfaces after the normal wiping and vacuuming is completed.


In many accident and crime scene cleaning jobs, there is a requirement to undertake a thorough approach to the work at hand and we engage our well experienced staff to follow all rules that forensic cleaning mandates. This ensures that our clients have confidence in a professional and timely completion of work in a stressful environment that gives them the ability to focus on other urgent matters that they need to undertake as a result of the unforeseen circumstance.


The BioClean team is willing to help you in times of need for accident, trauma, forensic cleaning or crime scene cleaning, and being available to work 24 hours / 7 days, and all days of the year. For booking our services, please contact our friendly staff at number 03 9988 1221 and we will ensure that our team provides all necessary information you need for next steps.


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